Q: How long does it generally take to start seeing results of items being removed from my credit report? A: We have seen results in as little as on our first dispute, within the first 30 days of starting the credit repair program, however most initial results range from 60 to 90 days after commencement. Q: What is the average credit score increase from your program? A: This fully depends on how long you stay with the program, but generally we see an average increase of 50 to 60 points within a few months of starting the credit repair program. Q: Are there any items that can’t be removed? A: No, not necessarily.  Some items such as government related debt (i.e. student loan defaults, civil judgments, IRS liens, and Child Support) can take longer amounts of time to remove because the laws associated with this debt are less stringent than general credit laws, therefore response times are usually longer and can delay the process slightly. Q: Do I have to use the credit reporting service you recommend? A: Not at all, we have just found that if you use our recommended credit reporting service in combination with our program, you will be able to receive all of the improvements just as soon as it happens. Q: Can’t I just do all of this credit repair process myself? A: Of course. Our service is designed to expertly dispute your credit items as efficiently and effectively as possible, saving you all the time, trouble, and effort it takes to do it yourself. We also recognize if it is a credit repair correction or if it is something a little more complex and can expertly help you from there through some of our other programs if you choose. Q: My debt is more than just credit repair. What now? A: Visit our Rite Debt Solution page for more answers.
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Our most common questions about a credit repair program are answered here.
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